Powerful warrior woman depicting self-leadership

Is Your B-Game Holding You Back?

Is Your B-Game Holding You Back? In a world where external achievements often measure success, it’s easy to overlook the most critical factor in our journey: our own thinking. Yes, you heard that right. Your thoughts play a crucial role in shaping your reality, influencing your decisions, and ultimately determining your sense of success and personal fulfillment. You have the power to take control of your thoughts and transform your life through self-leadership. That’s right—self-leadership is the key to living…

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Drawing of brain suggesting artificial intelligence - and the frustration navigating tech problems.

Navigating Frustration and Keeping Your Cool

Navigating Frustration and Keeping Your Cool Embracing Tech Turmoil Ah, technology – a modern marvel that sometimes feels like a double-edged sword. We’ve all been there: a seemingly innocent click, a spinning circle, or an unknown error, can lead to a cascade of tech troubles that threaten to derail our day. But fear not. Today, we embark on a lighthearted journey through the maze of modern-day navigating (tech) frustrations armed with wit, wisdom, and a healthy dose of humor. When…

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A cat sitting contentedly appearing fulfilled.

The Quest for Fulfillment

The Quest for Fulfillment Do you ever find yourself caught in the whirlwind of life, feeling like something is missing despite having everything you thought you wanted? It’s a sensation many of us experience, a lingering sense of emptiness even when surrounded by success and material possessions. We chase after goals, promotions, and achievements, believing they hold the key. But what if true fulfillment lies not in external accomplishments, but in rediscovering contentment? The Illusion of External Rewards We are…

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Woman who doesn't care about self-expectations, she's enjoying feeling good enough as she dances on the beach in the silhouette of the sun.

Challenge Self-Expectations – You ARE Good Enough!

Challenge Self-Expectations – You are Already Good Enough! What if I told you that you’re already good enough?  Yes, you. What if you’re already WHO you were meant to be?  Is it possible that you’ve already “arrived” at the place you’ve been striving to reach, and you just don’t know it?  What if your life plan, if you believe in that sort of thing, is to be exactly who you are RIGHT NOW, to your fullest? Imagine how different your…

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Image of head made of twisted intertwined yarn depicting how overthinking looks in the brain.

Overthinking: 8 Strategies to Break the Cycle

Overthinking: 8 Strategies to Break the Cycle Do you ever catch yourself in a relentless cycle of overthinking, where your thoughts seem to spiral out of control, stealing precious moments from your day, and even keeping you awake at night? If you experience this from time to time, you’re not alone. Many of us face this common challenge at some point in our lives, and today, we’re going to explore practical strategies to break free from the mental spin cycle.…

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Digital image that folds upon itself creating a maze, illustrating the illusion of a comparison trap.

Comparison Trap: Releasing the Pressure of Where You ‘Should’ Be

Comparison Trap: Releasing the Pressure of Where You ‘Should’ Be The Illusion of Life’s Race Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated, angry, or even a bit sad when you think about where you are in life right now compared to where you thought you would or should be? In this fast-paced world where we often find ourselves comparing our lives to others, it’s crucial to pause and reflect on the journey we’re on. The comparison trap of where we…

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Kristin Clark is being interviewed by Grand Tap Media on Maximizing Your "A-Game".

Maximizing Your “A-Game” with Self-Leadership

Maximizing Your “A-Game” with Self-Leadership What sets a great leader apart? How can you make a significant difference in your team, company, and the broader world? In a world full of distractions, where work often dominates our waking hours, creating an exceptional work culture isn’t just a lofty goal—it’s a worthwhile pursuit.  Join us for a summary of the insights Kristin Clark shared with Grand Tap Media on Maximizing Your “A-Game” with self-leadership and transforming your work culture. Discover practical…

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Person standing in the darkness with the milky way in the night sky. Symbolizing that manifesting your future is up to you.

Manifesting Your Future Self; Harness The Power of Your Thoughts

Manifesting Your Future Self; Harness The Power of Your Thoughts Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the good luck, and others only have bad luck, if any luck at all? It’s like some people attract good things in their life, and others, well, they don’t. It’s a question that has intrigued me over the years. Today, we’re going to dive into a concept that could radically change the way you think about your future. “What…

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A man is standing on the edge of a cliff, contemplating overcoming fear

The Secret to Overcoming Fear and Doing the Hard Stuff Anyway

The Secret to Overcoming Fear and Doing the Hard Stuff Anyway You’re perched on the edge of a cliff, staring down at the abyss of fear. It’s a pivotal moment when you’re faced with a choice – do you step back, or do you take a daring leap of faith into the unknown? Overcoming fear and doing the hard stuff anyway is rarely easy, but it’s a choice that could change your life! Today, we’ll explore the secrets to confronting…

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Being Kind to Yourself: The Power of Self-Compassion

Being Kind to Yourself: The Power of Self-Compassion We often address the obstacles that hinder personal growth, such as fear and self-doubt. Today, we’re going to delve into the concept of self-compassion, a powerful tool for shifting from a mindset of fear and self-doubt to one of self-compassion and self-improvement. In this article, we’ll explore the insights gained from a podcast featuring researcher Kristen Neff, where she emphasizes the importance of being kind to oneself and the positive impact it…

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