Empowering Leaders Using the Hierarchy of Value 

Empowering Leaders Using the Hierarchy of Value  Have you ever found yourself yearning for a roadmap to navigate life’s intricate web of decisions? Those moments when you question whether you’ve weighed all the variables, wondering which path to take, both in personal and professional situations. We all share in this universal challenge. Today, we’ll dig further into a guiding principle that can illuminate your way through this intricate maze. It’s known as the Hierarchy of Value, and it holds the…

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Woman holding a compass as she navigates a trail in the mountains.

The Secret to Better Decision-Making; Unraveling the Mystery

The Secret to Better Decision-Making Do you ever struggle when making complex decisions and feel unsure about which option is the right one? Making complex decisions can be a challenge. Sometimes the choices don’t align with your values. How do you choose when the options seem contradictory? Fear not, I’m going to share with you the secret to better decision-making from both personal and business perspectives! We all want to make good decisions. Decisions we believe will create the most…

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Appears viewer has risen above the clouds signifying rising to tame your unrealistic self-expectations

Rise Above Self-Doubt: Tame Your Unrealistic Self-Expectations

Rise Above Self-Doubt: Tame Your Unrealistic Self-Expectations Have you ever found yourself grappling with unrealistic self-expectations? You know, those standards that sometimes make you feel like you’re playing a losing game? The kind that casts a shadow over everything you do, leaving you feeling like you’re constantly falling short? Today, we’re diving into this common struggle that impacts an astounding 85% of people. We’ll explore how we unknowingly sabotage our happiness and progress with our unrealistic, and often impossibly high…

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The shadow of a woman, with a sunrise behind her. She is raising her arm, depicting unleashing the power of rewiring the brain.

Unleashing the Power Within; Rewiring Your Brain to Transform Your Life

Unleashing the Power Within; Rewiring Your Brain to Transform Your Life – Part Three Welcome to the final part of our series on rewiring the brain. In the first part, we explored the incredible potential of neuroplasticity for rewiring our brains. In the second part, we discovered the profound connection between stress and our bodies. Since our brains are like the ultimate supercomputer, generating more electrical impulses in a single day than all the telecommunication networks combined, we need to…

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Green and Blue tie dye type background with shadow of person that depicts the impact of stress and your body.

The Secret Link Between Stress and Your Body

The Secret Link Between Stress and Your Body; Rewiring Your Brain Part Two Welcome to the second in a three-part series on Rewiring the Brain, where we’ll be discussing the link between stress, especially chronic stress on your body and brain, and how it impacts your brain’s ability to rewire itself. If you ever feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed out, you’re not alone. Stress is a normal part of life, and it’s something that everyone experiences at some point. But…

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Dark background, appears as rays of light depicting brain synapses, neural connections and the power of neuroplasticity to strengthen your brain.

The Power of Neuroplasticity to Strengthen Your Brain

The Power of Neuroplasticity to Strengthen Your Brain; Rewiring Your Brain Part One  Welcome to the first in a 3-part series on Rewiring the Brain where we’ll be discussing how your brain works, the power of neuroplasticity, and what it means to rewire your brain.  Did you know that the human brain contains around 100 billion neurons? And each neuron is connected to thousands of other neurons, forming trillions of connections. This incredible network of neurons enables our brain to…

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Image appears like brain synapse.

Identify Your Thinking Triggers for Better Results

Identify Your Thinking Triggers for Better Results Do you sometimes say or do something that’s totally out of character for you? And then you wonder WHERE did THAT come from? Have you ever had an experience where you suddenly felt angry or irritated? Do certain situations trigger you to feel self-doubt, worry, or anxiety? And have you noticed that once you’ve been triggered, it can be hard to get back on track?  Unfortunately, your thinking triggers can undermine you from being…

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The Myth of Work-Life Balance

The Myth of Work-Life Balance Does the idea of work/life balance seem impossible for you? Far too many people think there’s something wrong with them if they can’t achieve this mythical balance. It often appears that other people have it all together, while you’re just trying to keep your head above water!  If you feel like you missed the work/life balance boat, you’re not alone!  Learn to BUST the myth of work-life balance. You may find that you’re working too…

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Compassion Makes All the Difference

Compassion Makes All the Difference In a TV interview on CBS This Morning, Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO, said that he has come to understand that compassion is not just a better way to build a team, it’s a better way to build a business.  In his commencement address to the Wharton School graduating class (on May 13, 2018) he talked about his vow, that if he were to manage people, he would aspire to manage them compassionately. Weiner said, “if…

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Leadership’s Secret Ingredient; Connecting

Leadership’s Secret Ingredient; Connecting What kind of leader or manager inspires you? Brings out your best? Makes you feel engaged, empowered, and valued? Think about your very best manager, someone you respect and admire. If you need to dig deeper, how about a special teacher or coach? A volunteer, a church figure or community leader? And the question I ask you is: What is it that makes them memorable? Did you think of their knowledge and skills first? Or their education and…

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