Self-Awareness – It’s All in Your Head!

Often, we go about our lives with very little self-awareness. We just do what we do, without much thought. We’re busy with the hum of daily life. We’ve got places to go, people to see. We’ve got bills to pay. We’ve got stuff to do. And if we’re lucky, we carve out some time for ourselves. Yet, all the while, there is a constant whirr of noise in our heads. This noise subtly shapes the choices we make, steering and influencing all our behaviors and decisions.

This noise greets us when we awaken and follows us throughout our day. The noise accompanies us while we travel, it’s with us in our meetings, it participates in our relationships and communication with others, and it’s the last thing we hear as we drift off to sleep. Barely audible. Flitting in and out of our consciousness, affecting everything we think and do.

Recognizing that this noise is actually our thoughts, is the first step to self-awareness. As we become more consciously aware, we can begin to recognize how these thoughts are supporting or sabotaging our efforts. 

Have you ever noticed when, out of the noise, a fully formed thought POPS through? It may be a great insight, or new idea. However, it may be a thought that doesn’t seem like us. We may ask ourselves, “Where did that thought come from?”. We may even realize, “I don’t like that thought. That’s not really me.”

Or is it?

Once you notice that the thoughts you’re having are not always what you’d like them to be, you can make a choice to think differently. You can choose thoughts that will serve you better.

But, just like learning any new skill, you will need to practice. It may not be easy at first. You may need to remind yourself (download visual reminders). The more you practice, the better you will get at making better choices.


Kristin Clark, a Leadership Development Coach and her father, Harvey Schoof, co-founder of Axiogenics, a Leadership Development company, partner to create a blueprint for Living a Richer Life; It’s All in Your Head!
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