Maximize Your A-Game with Self-Leadership

Living a Richer Life; It's All in Your Head
Living a Richer Life; It's All in Your Head
Maximize Your A-Game with Self-Leadership

Pamela Keim with Grand Tap Media – Business TV interviews Kristin Clark in “Maximize Your A-Game”, as they explore how Self-Leadership can be a game changer for your business. December 11, 2023 – #Leadership #Mindset #Axiogenics

It’s time to start thinking differently about work.

Is Your Culture by Default or Design?

We can measure the pulse of your organization. With our customized Axiogenics SWOT analysis, we can help you understand the current thinking of your key decision-makers as individuals. How are they thinking as a team? Does their current thinking align with your organization’s vision? And given your situation, what will it take to attain your vision?

Becoming “Valuegenic”

Implementing an organization-wide philosophy of creating more value for ALL concerned unites all activities into one aligned WIN WIN WIN model. When all strategic goals align under one common philosophy, the power of BECOMING valuegenic transforms individuals and your organization into BEING valuegenic – in everything you do.

Valuegenic Self-Leadership – A Competency for Life

By teaching Valuegenic Self-Leadership at all levels of your organization, you provide individualized development that moves the needle. By developing an individual’s abilities, you empower them to use their strengths to achieve their personal, team, and organizational goals. Valuegenic Self-Leadership engages discretionary effort and maximizes potential.

Demonstrate to your people that they matter.

Adopt Valuegenic Self-Leadership, a skill set that lasts a lifetime. Increase employee engagement, unleash best efforts, increase performance, and improve retention. Improve cooperation, collaboration, synergy, and quality of life. Enhance a culture that creates greater value for all.

Pamela Keim: Grand Tap Media conducts professional interviews with local businesses, nonprofits, authors, and community members to give them a space to share their stories. Interviews air on WKTV Community, WCET TV, & GRTV. Learn more about Grand Tap Media at:

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