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“Work” is changing. Are your leaders ready?

If you (or some of your leaders) are stuck in the old paradigm of seeing “producers” rather than “people”, “do what you’re told”, and exchange a time-for-money mentality, you may already be feeling the impact. If not, it’s only a matter of time. After all, employees quit bosses, not companies.

The work paradigm has shifted.

“Employees are no longer satisfied with working for a paycheck, they want a purpose. They don’t want bosses, they want coaches. They don’t want annual reviews, they want a purpose. They don’t want to fix their weaknesses, they want to develop their strengths. And they want to work for an organization that values their strengths and contributions, so they can do their best every day.”

Gallup 2016

Employees want more from work and for their life.

If your company aspires to reach your vision, mission and values, we can help.

If your organization is inspired to change this paradigm from the top down, we can help.

If becoming more values-driven, or valuegenic, as we like to say is important to the success of your organization, the lives of your employees, and the good of your community, we can help.

Valuegenic Self-Leadership

Our paradigm-shifting, neuro-science-based program, Valuegenic Self-Leadership Development (VSLD) teaches leaders principles and practices to shift their mindset to become more “valuegenic”. Becoming more valuegenic not only creates better leaders, but it helps move your teams and entire organization toward becoming a more values-based organization.

Leaders will be able to:

  • * Connect their purpose to your mission
  • * Discover how others perceive them
  • * Understand how their “thinking biases” or B-Game, are holding them back
  • * Master their strengths to create real change
  • * Improve focus and productivity on GOOD activities
  • * Strengthen their ability to actively listening
  • * Increase cooperation and collaboration
  • * Enrich employee engagement
  • * Enhance a culture of creating greater value
  • * Become an employer of choice


Valuegenic coaching, training, and development can be conducted individually, or in teams. Click below to learn more.

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