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Employees are no longer satisfied with working for a paycheck, they want a purpose. They don’t want bosses, they want coaches. They don’t want annual reviews, but ongoing conversations. They don’t want to fix their weaknesses, they want to develop their strengths. And, they want to work for an organization that values their strengths and contributions, so they can do their best every day  – Gallup 5/10/2016.

It’s time to start thinking differently about work.

Is Your Culture by Default or Design?
We can measure the pulse of your organization. With our customized Axiogenics Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis, we can help you understand the current thinking of your key decision-makers. How are your leaders thinking now as a team? Does the current thinking align with your organization’s vision? Given your situation, what will it take to get there?

Becoming “Valuegenic”
Implementing an organization-wide philosophy of creating more value for ALL concerned unites all activities into one aligned WIN WIN WIN model. When all strategic goals, financial planning, training and development, performance coaching, purchasing, sales, and customer service (forgive us if we’re missing your team)  goals align under one common philosophy, the power of becoming valuegenic, moves into BEING valuegenic in all you do.

Valuegenic Self-Leadership – A Competency for Life
By teaching Valuegenic Self-Leadership at all levels of your organization, you provide individualized development that really matters. You develop individuals’ abilities and empower them to use their strengths to achieve their personal goals, as well as their team and organizational goals. Valuegenic Self-Leadershp engages discretionary effort and maximizes their potential.

  • Demonstrate to your people that they matter.
  • Adopt Valuegenic Self-Leadership, a skill that lasts a lifetime
  • Increase employee engagement, unleash best effort, enhance performance, improve retention
  • Amplify cooperation, collaboration, synergy, and quality of life
  • Enhance a culture to one that creates greater value for all
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