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AxiogenicsHR® – A Better Way to Hire

AxiogenicsHR® is a game-changer. We measure what you need to know to make a good hiring decision; how a person thinks. 

AxiogenicsHR® provides valuable insights into how well a candidate’s thinking and interpersonal skills match the position and your culture. You will learn how their current thinking may impact their work performance, how difficult they may be to manage, how open they are to ideas, their ability to connect with others and build relationships and ultimately achieve success in your organization.

This simple, scientifically-validated, online assessment will take candidates only 15 minutes to complete. Then, the hiring manager will be debriefed with the results and will receive assistance in preparing targeted follow-up questions before candidate selection. 

Discover how your candidate thinks
before you hire, rather than finding out
after it’s too late.

Peter Demarest, President, Axiogenics

AxiogenicsHR® – A Better Way to Onboard

Ease the transition of new employees into your organizational culture. Your new employee will better understand how their current ways of thinking may be impacting their ability to learn, build relationships, and achieve success in their new role.

Hiring Managers will learn how to lead, support, and manage their new hires more effectively, shortening the learning curve for both the Hiring Manager and a new employee.

This coaching discussion put my mind at ease. You forget how much there is to learn when starting in a new role, and how uncomfortable and stressful that can be. These strategies will help me immensely.

New Employee, Construction Management

Invest in your new employees so they can learn how to master their thinking to become high-value contributors faster than ever!

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