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Executive Coaching

Learn a new way to think about yourself, your relationships, your abilities, your role and the organization in which you serve.  

Leadership Development

Build the skills of your team, maximize their strengths, empower them to become self-leaders and engage their potential.

Candidate Selection

Discover how your candidate thinks before you hire. Does their thinking match the job, team and your organization?

Talent Development Consulting

Talent Development is bigger than any one person or department, it’s a whole new way of thinking about your role, people and organization.

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Kristin has made a huge impact on my Credit Union and on my own leadership capabilities. She consulted with my management team on many projects including: strategic planning, employee engagement, forward-looking reviews, performance based goal setting, improved recruiting and hiring process, general HR policies and procedures, assessments, and many 1-on-1 coaching sessions with myself and my team. She will make your organization more focused and efficient and will challenge and improve your leadership skills. I strongly recommend working with Kris!

Jon Looman

CEO, Community West Credit Union

I met Kris at a professional women’s program, at which I was the speaker. After a short introduction that evening, I was intrigued by what she offered with Axiogenics, and contacted her to continue our conversation. I found Kris to be a passionate and knowledgeable resource for anyone wanting to really get to the bottom of their thinking. Her coaching process with the VQ Profile Jump Start Report was clear and insightful and gave me takeaways that I could immediately use. I found the investment to be of great value.

Kelly Duggan

Executive Presence Coach, Personal Brand Strategist

Over the past two years, Kristin has helped me become more mindful and practiced in value-based thinking. I am better able to pause within the busy hum of every day and think critically about what is most important; and, then, focus my attention and energy on those things that add the most value. I feel more aligned with who I want to be in my career and life. Kris’s thoughtful approach, well-written materials, and collegial coaching helped me learn how to approach challenging situations more effectively, a new skill that will carry me through life. Thank you, Kris!

Laura Musoke

Staff Developer, World Renew
Kristin Clark

Kristin has over 20 years of experience in assessing, coaching, developing, and advising people spanning a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, industries, and professions. She is known for her openness, acceptance, understanding, and ability to put people at ease. Kristin is a certified Axiogenics Partner, specializing in Self-Leadership development, and the VQ Profile Assessment. She’s a graduate of Michigan State University, with a B.A. in Interpersonal Communications.

Kristin lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband (of 30+ years), and two sons, who remind her often that there really is more than one way to do things, and sometimes “B’s” really are good enough.


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