Leadership Development

It’s time to start thinking differently about work. Are your leaders ready?

“Employees are no longer satisfied with working for a paycheck, they want a purpose. They don’t want bosses, they want coaches. They don’t want annual reviews, they want a purpose. They don’t want to fix their weaknesses, they want to develop their strengths. And they want to work for an organization that values their strengths and contributions, so they can do their best every day.”

Gallup 2016

Cognitive Self-Leadership

Work has changed. Clearly employees want more. The old “time for money” workplace model is no longer enough. Organizations are becoming values-driven. Where leaders no longer see “producers”, they see “people”. If this sounds like your organization, or you would you like to, then Cognitive Self-Leadership is for you.

We can help your leaders with this paradigm shift by building their knowledge, skills and abilities so they can become more values-oriented:

  • Connecting their purpose to your mission and core values
  • Discovering how others may be perceiving them
  • Understanding how their hidden liabilities are holding them back
  • Maximizing thinking assets, to create real and lasting change.

Cognitive Self-Leadership is designed to equip your leaders with the skill set they need to shift their mindset, moving your team and your entire organization toward a more values-based organization.

  • Improve Cooperation, Collaboration and Synergy
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Enhance a Culture of Creating Greater Value

Leadership Development Workshops are conducted on-site.

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Insight Coaching uses game-changing, science-driven solutions for executive, leadership, talent and organization development. It’s time to start thinking differently about work.

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